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The North East Santas

Please contact Santa George if you have any questions
Since 2004 a Brotherhood of Santas

Membership is open to ALL individuals who volunteer or work as Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Helpers or Lovers of Christmas.

12th YEAR ANNIVERSARY ! Join us April 29 - May 1, 2016

NorthEast Santa Gathering Reindeer on the Roof Bus 2014
The North East Santa Gathering would like to thank all of our Cape Cod Sponsors for all their generous donations ! Special thanks goes out to the staff at the Irish Village for their continued support. Special thanks also goes out to Bill Campbell and Ryan Family Amusements for their generous sponsorship and help and also to Patti Lloyd and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce as well as the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce and Mike Bovill and Imaginary Kidz for their assistance and dedication to this yearly venture!

Elf Victoria on Reindeer on the Roof Santa's Bus 2014 !

Santa Jumbo, NorthEast Santa Gathering at Ryan Family Amusements

Sleigh photo 2014

We are very please to once again have this year's charity donation going to St Jude Children's Hospital

M.A.P.S. Family
Santa TJS Vendor 2014

Ryan Family Amusements.

Reindeer on the Roof Santa's Bus by Imaginary Kidz in front of Cape Bowl
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